The HERO2 Outdoor Edition – GoPro’s Most Advanced HD Action Camera Yet

The HERO2 Outdoor Edition – GoPro’s Most Advanced HD Action Camera Yet

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  • May 9, 2017
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By Rudi C Blezenski

GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Edition

The GoPro Camera HD HERO2 is GoPro’s next generation camera and is the best one yet – outshining its predecessor. It has an improved and sharper lens, is twice the speed and has more flexibility than the previous GoPro Hero camera.

More sports filmmakers, professional athletes and primary connoisseurs than almost any other professional camera on the planet utilize GoPro cameras. The HERO2 Outdoor camera is the most sophisticated camera available. Able to capture a professional full 170 degree wide angle 1080 pixel video, and 11 megapixel photos with an astonishing rate of ten photos a second, the HERO2 is the world’s most high-tech, multipurpose and flexible camera around. No matter if you are competing for a magazine cover or simply capturing a day full of special moments with friends or family, the HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition is the camera that is versatile enough to let you do it all.

GoPro is the preferred camera for savvy buyers who seek a high-end professional experience. Everything from shooting underwater to sports imagery to movie making to capturing wild life in a jungle or shooting a family holiday, the HERO2 Outdoor camera is everything a pro or novice needs to get the job done.

HERO2 Outdoor special features include:

Offers multiple HD video options 720p, 960p, or 1080p

3.9 x 3.9 x 9.6 inch still and video camera

Wide 170 degree angle lens allows for entire imagery to be captured with just one shot

Multiple picture resolutions of 5MP, 8MP, and 11MP

A wide angle lens is a typical feature of a DSLR camera, but it’s more compelling when combined with a 1080p lens and an outdoor specialty corresponding to the camera, and even more so when it’s connected to the GoPro name.

The HERO2 or the original HERO?

Since the HERO2 Outdoor is clearly far superior to the original, it will be a letdown for people who previously bought the GoPro HD HERO – there is simply no comparison and this latest version greatly raises the bar. Its lens is twice as sharp, which allows for double frames to be captured in each recording against the HD HERO. It is indeed a notably superior version.

Is the HERO2 an underwater camera?

The GoPro HD HERO2 Outdoor originally launched as a waterproof model with housing for up to 197 feet. Certainly, that implies it’s an underwater device – a diving essential. However, some divers have indicated the camera needs some improvement regarding waterproofing.


Confirmed by the reviews, the video is the best feature about the HERO2. Options of HD video resolutions improve the overall experience along with a sharper lens and superb motion capture speed. Likewise, the picture resolution option allows the expert in you to experiment with artistic combinations, which proves how flexible and versatile this model can be. Never worry if you do not have enough space on your SD card since the HERO2 supports a 32GB SD card.

Easy sharing with friends

Using this camera is a piece of cake due to the language-based and simple LCD Interface which provides menus and icons. This is quite an improvement over the HERO’s original three-digit code interface. GoPro has shown that the HERO2 Outdoor is better suited and user-friendly via many mediums such as a full SD card, Wi-Fi BacPac, USB, and a Wi-Fi Remote. Also, the camera’s video may be transmitted to and viewed on a Smartphone.

Market response to the GoPro HERO2 Outdoor

Producing high-tech features, the HERO2 is enjoying huge success. The quality of the video is well liked by DSLR enthusiasts and is proving to be very popular. On the flip side, it appears to be responsible for a couple of non-compliant elements as pointed out by some product reviews such as underwater performance and slower customer support. These issues are currently being addressed and will be evident in the future update by GoPro. Other quality features appreciated for their usability include the mounting accessories, Wi-Fi Remote, and Wi-Fi BacPac.


With readily available discounts and free shipping offered by Amazon, the GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Edition makes it a most irresistible and desirable camera.

GoPro, the world’s leading activity image capture company has created a winner for pros and amateurs alike with the Hero2 Outdoorcamera.

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